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3 Ways Shipmates Can Help Save You Time When Running Your Online Business

Time is money. We’ve all heard this saying before. Starting an online business can be easy at first, but when you start shipping orders, you’ll see how it’s such a time-consuming and tedious problem here in the Philippines. A big question most business owners have in mind: what’s the best way to get my products to our customers?

It can feel like there are a million different couriers out there and sorting through them all can get frustrating! This handy tool called Shipmates makes it much easier for business owners to ship orders anywhere in the Philippines.

Here are 3 ways Shipmates has been helping business owners save time which can be put into better use.

1) Never have to process orders manually

From filling up waybills manually to physically going to courier branches, we can agree that the process of shipping your customer’s orders is necessary, but never a fun thing to do. Depending on the number of your orders, shipping orders will eventually eat up your entire day. There has to be a better way of doing things.

With Shipmates’ shipping platform, it’s way easier to process orders. What used to be an entire day of manually processing orders now only takes 10 minutes daily! That’s almost 20 days saved in a month and around 240 days saved in a year!

All you have to do is book your orders, print the waybills, pack your orders properly, and you’re done! The couriers will pick up the orders at your location.

2) No need to constantly look for reliable couriers that can deliver nationwide

Most, if not all, of us have experienced moving from one courier to another. It may be caused by recurring late deliveries, delayed remittances from cash on delivery (COD) payments, or lost packages. Let’s face it. There will always be human-related errors, whether intentional or not, which forces you to look for a different courier.

With Shipmates, you will always be able to choose from several couriers that can deliver to various customer addresses. This is a big time-saver. You don’t have to sign up for a different courier service every time.

3) Potential to reduce the return rate of packages

Returns are a huge waste of time and resources. There are multiple causes why shipments return to you; from the smallest details such as typos in the customer’s details to bigger ones, like getting their order incorrectly. The shipping platform automatically notifies you if a customer’s information is invalid or has typographical errors.

This is an enormous help for business owners in reducing return-to-sender rates (RTS). In some cases, Shipmates lowered the RTS from 30% down to 1.9%.

Shipmates can be a big help to online businesses. So if you’re looking to free up thousands of your hours in a year, do not miss the opportunity to try out shipmates for free by signing up here.