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How Shipmates is Making Cash-on-Delivery Convenient For All Online Sellers

Online shopping has grown dramatically in the Philippines. Even though there's been a surge in digital payments, most Filipinos still prefer paying with cash on delivery over other online payment methods. Some customers might not trust online payments, others just prefer receiving their package first before paying. Whatever the reasons are, cash-on-delivery (COD) couriers is a must-have for your business here in the Philippines.

There are 3 big advantages of having Cash-on-Delivery as a mode of payment.

  1. Build Trust  - New customers can trust your business more easily. Not having cash-on-delivery can scare a lot of your customers away. Every online seller knows this. We all know how common scams are in the Philippines - paying for something online and not knowing whether you will receive the order or not. Cash-on-delivery adds a layer of trust for your business.
  2. Accessibility - COD provides convenience for your customers. Not many people in the Philippines have bank accounts. According to the BSP, as of 2020, 71% of Filipinos still don’t have a bank account. This could be a barrier for your customers, resulting in them not being able to pay for your products.
  3. Payment Confirmation - Lastly, you won’t have to confirm order payments manually. It can be very tedious to check your bank accounts whether a customer has fully paid the correct amount or not. COD services make sure that your payment is received first before they hand over the shipment.

Disadvantages of Cash-on-Delivery

There’s only one disadvantage of providing cash-on-delivery as a mode of payment. You won’t be able to access the money immediately. It will all depend on how often the courier service sends the payouts. Most COD services remit payouts once or twice a month. Overall, the advantages of having cash-on-delivery as a mode of payment outweigh the disadvantages. Luckily, we have a solution for this.

Cash-on-Delivery with Shipmates

We understand that cash flow is crucial for all businesses. At Shipmates, we send your COD remittances on a weekly basis. You can conveniently monitor your COD receivables. On top of that, you get access to multiple couriers with cash-on-delivery service so you always have options.

Unlike most COD courier services, we don’t require a minimum number of shipments to get started. Sign up for free here!