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Online Businesses in the Philippines are Moving to Multi-courier Shipping Platforms, Should You Make the Same Move This 2022?

Now that it’s 2022, you’re probably looking for ways to improve your business either by finding more customers through a more aggressive marketing campaign or by making some business processes more efficient. Here’s the good news: there are ways to make your life as an online business owner more convenient when it comes to preparing and shipping out orders in the Philippines.

Everyone in the e-commerce industry knows that shipping products to your customers can be challenging at times. You have to worry about choosing the right courier, communicating to your customers if their orders will arrive later, and making sure your products don’t get lost during the entire shipping process.
So the question is why are online shops in the Philippines moving to multi-courier shipping platforms?

It’s simple. Using a multi-courier platform makes life much more convenient. There are plenty of benefits from using a multi-courier platform such as Shipmates, and we will go through three features that you and your business can take advantage of today.

Never have to fill-up your customer’s information on a waybill ever again

With a multi-courier shipping platform, you’ll never have to fill-up another waybill ever again. How does it work exactly? For Shipmates, we have an API or also known as a shipping plugin that can be integrated with Shopify websites which allows our platform to automatically retrieve your customer’s information including their names, emails, delivery addresses, and phone numbers. From there, you will automatically see your customer’s information on our courier platform, and all you have to do is book a courier to deliver your package.

Easily book shipments and print waybills in bulk

Everyone who has owned an ecommerce business knows that preparing orders can be a whole day activity. Not only is it a tedious task, but it is probably one of the most time-consuming things you do in a business. With Shipmates, you will have the ability to not only book shipments in bulk, but you will be able to book the waybills in bulk too. We think this is great especially when you receive lots of orders during payday sales, discounts, and even the holidays. This can help you tremendously when preparing for order. All you have to worry about now is choosing the right courier.

Have the convenience of choosing from multiple couriers under one platform

If you haven’t heard before, multi-carrier or multi-courier shipping can be a good way to diversify your shipping methods for your customers. Some couriers are known to be better at delivering to provinces while some are known for deliveries within Metro Manila, Philippines. We all know that couriers can sometimes be unreliable which forces online business owners such as yourself to partner up with different couriers, so that you can be flexible when it comes to delivering your customer’s packages. The difficult part of having multiple couriers is that oftentimes you’ll have to track packages on different courier websites, which sometimes can be confusing.

With a multi-courier platform such as Shipmates, not only will you have the option to choose from different couriers, but you’ll be able to track all your deliveries under one platform regardless of what courier you choose. Currently, you can choose 4 of the best couriers in the Philippines from Shipmates, and we are adding even more couriers to our platform to further help your online business when it comes to your shipping process. If you’re ready, you can sign-up for a free Shipmates account today!