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Accelerate Your Shipping Process With Our Woocommerce Shipping API

Looking for a solution to optimize your shipping process for your online business through a cutting-edge shipping API for Wordpress? In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficient shipping is essential to meet customer demands and outshine your competitors. That's why we're here to help revolutionize your shipping experience.

Say farewell to cumbersome manual processes and embrace a seamless approach to generating waybills with our powerful Woocommerce Shipping API. No more wasted time on form filling or juggling multiple courier platforms individually. Here at Shipmates, we can help consolidate them all into a single, convenient platform. It's time to take your shipping operations to the next level. Let's dive in!

How Shipmates is improving the shipping process of online businesses

Having an efficient shipping process is crucial if you want to be successful when it comes to owning and running an online business especially if you’re planning to do nationwide shipping throughout the Philippines. And at Shipmates, we recognize the challenges associated with managing shipments. That's why we've developed ecommerce logistics and shipping software solutions specifically designed to enhance shipping for online businesses using Woocommerce. Whether you're grappling with inconsistent delivery times from couriers or the tedious task of manually filling out waybills, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our comprehensive suite of shipping solutions includes access to multiple couriers and the integration of our Woocommerce shipping API which helps accelerate your entire shipping process. At Shipmates, our mission is clear: to simplify and optimize shipping processes for online businesses like in the Philippines. With the power of our Woocommerce Shipping API, you'll regain valuable time to focus on what truly matters to you. With that, let’s start with what you came here for, integrating our Woocommerce Shipping API for your Wordpress website.

Generate Complete Waybills Using Shipmates' Woocommerce Shipping API

If you’re looking for a courier delivery software that can accelerate your shipping process, Shipmates has the perfect solution for you. Our Woocommerce Shipping API can integrate with your Woocommerce store for Wordpress websites. By having our Woocommerce shipping API integrated, you can seamlessly generate complete waybills for your Woocommerce store. Here’s a quick video demonstrating how to install our Woocommerce shipping API in your Wordpress website or WP Admin:

So, what exactly does our Woocommerce shipping API do for your Wordpress website? It directly integrates with your Woocommerce store, automating the process of creating waybills. Whenever a customer provides shipping information during checkout, our integrated Woocommerce shipping API in Wordpress collects and transfers that data to our shipping platform, Shipmates. As a result, you can conveniently access waybills complete with all your customer’s information through your Shipmates account.

But why do you need a shipping API for Woocommerce, and how does it benefit you? Firstly, filling out waybills can be time-consuming, especially when you have to fulfill multiple orders on a daily basis. With our  Woocommerce Shipping API, we generate accurate and professional-looking waybills within seconds. This saves you valuable time and ensures that all necessary shipping information is included. Furthermore, automating this part of the shipping process with a Woocommerce shipping API eliminates the risk of human errors when completing waybills. Once you have a fully completed waybill in your Shipmates account, you can easily book a courier of your choice. And that leads us to our next feature: the ability to choose from multiple couriers through Shipmates.

Use Multiple Couriers Under One Platform: Grab Express, Lalamove, LBC Express, J&T Express, Borzo, and more!

One of the major challenges online businesses face with shipping is managing multiple couriers under different platforms. It can be a daunting task to find the right courier that aligns with your business’ needs, especially when dealing with various platforms and systems. However, Shipmates has the perfect solution for you – we offer multiple couriers under one unified platform!

With our Woocommerce shipping API and shipping platform, you can effortlessly access the best couriers for online businesses such as Grab Express, Lalamove, LBC Express, J&T Express, Borzo, XDE Logistics, and Entrego. No more juggling between different websites or apps – everything is streamlined in a single, convenient place. By utilizing multiple couriers through our platform, you gain flexibility and choice. You can select the most cost-effective and time-efficient option for each shipment. More importantly, you can choose a courier that specializes in specific areas or delivery types, ensuring better delivery times for your customers.

Managing all your shipments becomes a breeze with Shipmates' centralized platform, eliminating the need for multiple courier apps or platforms. Now that you’re familiar with all our courier partners, this brings us to our next feature, being able to book multiple riders all at once and having the ability to print waybills in bulk.

Book Riders and Print Waybills In Bulk

Now that you've selected a courier on our shipping platform, it's time to take advantage of our other convenient features: booking riders and printing waybills. We've prepared a quick video to guide you through the process:

Having the ability to book riders and print waybills in bulk is a great way to accelerate your shipping process. Once you’ve integrated our Woocommerce shipping API or have uploaded the CSV file with all your customer’s orders and have completed waybills, you can swiftly assign riders to multiple orders simultaneously. This saves you valuable time and effort, especially during peak seasons like Christmas or when you have a high volume of orders to fulfill.

Furthermore, the ability to print waybills in bulk using our Woocommerce shipping API adds another layer of convenience to your shipping workflow. You can generate a batch of waybills for multiple orders at once, reducing the need for manual printing and saving you valuable time. With neatly printed waybills, you can easily attach them to each package, ensuring clear and accurate shipping information.

Real-Time Shipping Rates

Sending accurate and real-time shipping rates to your customers are important when doing business online here in the Philippines. Whether you're utilizing our Woocommerce shipping API or not, you’ll still be able to access real-time rates from all our couriers on our platform. This not only saves you time but also guarantees that your customers are always charged the correct amount for shipping. No more worries about overcharging or undercharging! Real-time shipping rates ensure transparency and accuracy throughout the entire shipping process. Here are our initial shipping rates for Metro Manila deliveries:

Courier Base Fare Fee/km. Shipmates Fee Est. Shipping Cost
Lalamove ₱49 ₱5-₱6/km ₱5-₱10 ₱59+
Borzo ₱49 ₱5/km ₱5-₱10 ₱59+
Grab Express ₱60 ₱7/km ₱5-₱10 ₱72+
XDE Logistics ₱60-₱195 - ₱5-₱10 ₱75+
J&T Express ₱85 to ₱1,120 - ₱5-₱10 ₱90+
LBC Express ₱79 - ₱5-₱10 ₱84+
Entrego ₱70-₱1,070 - ₱5-₱10 ₱75+

*Please note that these initial rates only include motorcycle deliveries across Metro Manila only. Provincial rates also vary depending on the courier of your choice. Please sign-up for a free Shipmates account to see our shipping rates.

Track All Shipments Across Multiple Couriers

Being able to track all your shipments across multiple couriers is helpful especially if you’re using multiple couriers to use both the same-day delivery method or standard local delivery method. Having real-time tracking information at your fingertips enables you to provide exceptional customer service and instill confidence in your customers. You can promptly respond to inquiries about the whereabouts of their orders and keep them informed throughout the entire shipping process. This not only saves time and effort for both you and your customers but also enhances overall operational efficiency. By closely monitoring the progress of each shipment, you can proactively address any issues that may arise during transit, ensuring that packages are delivered on time and in excellent condition.

With our courier tracking software, you have the ability to streamline your customer support, optimize your delivery operations, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Shipmates empowers you to take control of your shipments, providing you with the necessary tools to deliver a seamless and reliable shipping experience to your valued customers.

Try Out Our Woocommerce API Shipping Integration Today

If you're an online business looking to update your shipping process and streamline your operations, Shipmates' Woocommerce API Shipping Integration is the ultimate solution for you. With the power of our shipping platform and Shopify Shipping API, you can effortlessly manage multiple couriers, generate complete waybills, book riders and waybills in bulk, access real-time shipping rates, and track shipments across various couriers - all within one convenient platform.

By choosing Shipmates, you'll save valuable time, minimize errors, provide transparent shipping rates to your customers, and offer exceptional service throughout the entire shipping journey. Don't wait any longer; try out Shipmates' Woocommerce API Shipping Integration today and unlock the full potential of your online business. Experience seamless shipping and take your business to new heights! Sign-up for a free Shipmates account today. And if you're looking for a Shopify Shipping API for your website, then we have that too!