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What Is A Courier Platform And How Can It Help Your Business?

Courier platform is a relatively new term. In a nutshell, it’s an app that optimizes your shipping processes, saving you time, working hours, and consequently, some money. For example, our courier platform connects your online store directly with multiple couriers, letting you instantly book orders.

What else can Shipmates do for you?

As a courier platform in the Philippines, Shipmates can address all-too-real pain points in shipping across the country by offering convenient, cost-effective courier options, and seamless fulfilment experiences for both businesses and customers.

Free Pick-ups

A lot of online businesses probably still drop off shipments at courier branches. This nightmarish arrangement forces business owners to drive out to a drop-off branch, line up four hours, fill up manifests/waybills one by one, and worse; having to pay for pouches/parcels.

Some of the more updated e-commerce folks have moved to more efficient services that offer free pick-ups and free parcels. Even so, those services always come with strings attached; sign-up fees, minimum order requirements, and so much paperwork.

Direct Booking from Your Online Store

Whether you’re dropping off shipments or having couriers pick them up, the booking process can still be as time-consuming as ID renewals. When someone places an order on your website, you’d either fill up online forms for standard shipments or book riders one by one for on-demand shipments. You could export and import order CSV files onto a courier’s website, but who has the time?

With Shipmates, booking your shipments is only a few clicks away. The platform automatically syncs orders from your website or excel file. From spending hours or an entire day just booking shipments, you’re done in ~10 minutes.

Multiple Courier Options

Besides the trouble-free booking, you can also choose from our multiple courier partners and see which works best for you and your customers. We can’t count how many times we’ve heard from other people the number of times they had to change couriers. “Inconsistent and unreliable”, are what we often hear from business owners about why they’d change couriers so frequently.

Cash on Delivery & Nationwide Shipping

We partner only with couriers that are convenient for our shippers and their customers. Nationwide coverage and COD are non-negotiable for online businesses these days. When you have these options, your business is in a better position to skyrocket.

Now that you’re familiar with Shipmates and what our courier platform can do for you, don’t just take our word for it. Try out it for yourself. Sign-up for free here!