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3 Shipping Solutions to Streamline Your Entire Shipping Process

There are plenty of things to account for when running an e-commerce business - from setting up an e-commerce store, promoting the brand, to shipping out products to customers. But today, let’s focus on shipping!

Whether you are the manager or the CEO, the goal has always been to find several ways to make the job efficient and, quite frankly, easier. There’s always a drive to determine if a particular business process, like shipping, can be automated or outsourced. Guess what? With these three simple shipping solutions, you can streamline your entire shipping process and lower the lead time to 10 minutes!

1.     Outsource the job to a shipment manager.

Streamline your entire shipping process by outsourcing a shipment manager. How does it work? There are two ways to go about it.

First, you can give them full access to your entire shipping process. That includes letting the shipment manager store your products and granting them access to your e-commerce platform.

If you’re hesitant to give full access to your company’s platform and products, you can opt to do the second option. With this alternative, all administrative work is taken out. The shipment manager will send you completed customers’ waybills, book courier services, and track shipments for you. All you have to do is pack your orders.

2.     Automate the process with a courier platform.

What if getting a shipment manager isn’t the right path for the company, and you prefer to keep everything in-house. Don’t worry! You’ll be able to do just fine with a courier platform like Shipmates.

With Shipmates, you’ll be able to automatically generate waybills complete with customers’ information, book shipments in bulk, and choose among multiple couriers all at once. Excluding the packing of products, Shipmates is an excellent support to streamline and make your entire shipping process efficient. More importantly, the platform is easy-to-use and can be used by employees and business owners.

3.     Be strategic and creative with your packaging.

We got most of the administrative tasks out of the way. So now, it’s time for our final solution, which is being strategic and creative with your packaging. This includes using small cardboard boxes or even bubble wrap pouches when packing items for shipments. These two materials are known to be lightweight and easy to handle, saving you a few bucks on shipping.

It’s essential to be able to pack your items quickly and have a system for matching your products with the proper packaging. This task may be repetitive and boring, so it’s the perfect one to use your creativity on. And if you’re looking for some packaging tips, check out our guide on shipping different types of products straight from e-commerce veterans in the Philippines.

There you have it! As you put these three shipping solutions to work, you can use your time better and focus on other aspects of the company. What are you waiting for? Start streamlining your shipping process today!