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Best Practices on Same-Day Delivery for E-commerce Businesses

In the e-commerce industry, business owners always look for ways to get ahead of the competition. Strategies like selling better products or services or lowering prices are all fantastic solutions to thrive in the market.

But, one more effective way to thrive in the competition is by offering same-day delivery. Indeed, the advantages of having a same-day delivery service are beneficial to you and your customers. However, before offering it, you must ensure your business is adequately set up.

Here are some best practices for e-commerce businesses that want to do same-day deliveries.

Communicate cut-off times to your customers.

Cut-off time is the latest time a customer can place an order and still receive it on the same day. To offer same-day delivery, you must ensure that your customers know your business cut-off times.

So let's say your cut-off time is at 2 PM. This means any orders placed after 2 PM will already be delivered the next day.

Make sure your operations can support same-day deliveries.

Before offering same-day delivery, you must ensure your operations can support it. This means having enough staff to pack and ship orders and a fast and reliable courier.

If you're still pretty hesitant about your operations, you can first explore offering same-day delivery to a limited number of customers. Then, later on, see how your business processes can adjust accordingly.

Aside from operations, it would be best if you also have a courier to deliver to your customers within the day. There are plenty of courier options, and Shipmates can make it easier for you to find the best for your business. Shipmates is a courier platform service which lets you choose your preferred couriers in one app. Currently, it has three couriers offering same-day delivery: Lalamove, Borzo, and Grab Express. And if you can't drop off your package for delivery, Shipmates can pick them up from your home or business address for free.

Account for your costs

When offering same-day delivery, see that you're accounting for all the incurred costs. This includes the cost of packaging, shipping, and labor. And most importantly, ensure your profit in every order.

And when it comes to couriers, always check your options since their rates vary from time to time.

Offering same-day delivery is a great way to stay ahead of the competition. But before you start offering it, let your customers know your cut-off time, check if your operations can support it, and account for all your costs. With these practices, you'll be well on your way to offering a fast and reliable same-day delivery service.