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Getting To Know: Your Top 3 Same-Day Delivery Couriers

Here are your top 3 same-day delivery couriers in the Philippines:

  • Borzo
  • Lalamove
  • Grab Express

With online businesses, offering same-day delivery is a plus. But with multiple couriers in the Philippines, it's vital to ensure that they are reliable.

There are many things to consider when looking for same-day delivery couriers in the Philippines: What kind of products do you need to send?; How fast do you need them delivered?; and perhaps most importantly, Which courier can you trust to get the job done right?

Today, let us guide you in choosing a suitable courier for your business.

Why Choose Same-Day Delivery?

There are many reasons to choose same-day delivery when sending items. Perhaps, the most important one is that it is simply the fastest way to get your items from point A to point B. In a country where traffic has always been a concern, choosing a delivery service that can guarantee quick turnaround times is essential.

Plus, you can be confident knowing that your items are in good hands. All the top couriers in the Philippines offer reliable and professional service, so you can trust that your shipment will arrive safely and on time.

Know the Top 3 Same-Day Delivery Couriers in the Philippines!


If you're looking for a same-day courier in the Philippines, Borzo is an excellent option. Previously known as Mr. Speedy, they have years of experience in the courier industry. They offer various value-added services to ensure your package is delivered safely and securely, such as package tracking, insurance, and signature confirmation.


Lalamove is also on the list! With Lalamove, you can get your package delivered in as little as 1 hour or schedule it for a later time, whichever is more convenient for you and your customers.

If you need your packages delivered quickly and efficiently, then Lalamove is another go-to option. Enjoy their wide range of delivery schedules for reasonable prices.


In a fast-paced world, we are with you when you say time is crucial. This is what makes GrabExpress also a great choice – it's a reliable, convenient, and affordable way to get your items delivered within the day.

With GrabExpress, you can ensure that your items will be delivered safely and sound. They have a wide network of trained and experienced couriers ready to serve you. Not only that, but they also offer real-time tracking so you can see where your customer's package is at all times.

Book these 3 Couriers with Shipmates!

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