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How Shipmates is Helping 51% of Local Online Businesses with Shipping

Being a local online business, you must have experienced how shipping can be challenging. You have to find a way to get your products to your customers without breaking the bank or, worse, having plenty of customers complain about inconsistent deliveries. And if you're not careful, shipping can eat into your profits. That's where Shipmates comes in. We're a local courier and shipping company in the Philippines that helps 51% of local online businesses with their shipping needs. We provide fast and reliable shipping solutions that enable companies to save money and time.

Want to learn more about how Shipmates can help your business? Read on to find out!

What is Shipmates?

In a nutshell, we are mainly a shipping platform that gives businesses access to same-day or standard couriers and lets them conveniently track shipments with multiple couriers.

What services does Shipmates offer?

Here are the services that local online businesses can enjoy on Shipmates!

1. Multiple couriers are available, including Grab, Lalamove, Borzo, J&T Express, XDE Logistics, and Entrego.

2. Generation of waybills is automated by installing our API on your website. Yes, it does automatically fill up all your customers' information. All you have to do is print them.

3. Enjoy both same-day delivery and standard delivery.

4. Cash on Delivery option for same-day deliveries and get paid weekly.

5. Track all your deliveries with different couriers on Shipmates.

How has Shipmates helped local businesses?

In the past year, Shipmates has helped local businesses with their shipping needs in several ways.

·   Saving Time on Shipping: By using Shipmates, online businesses can save an average of 90% of the time they use preparing packages. That means you can book and prepare all your waybills in less than 10 minutes, which is a guarantee from us!

·   Shipping More Orders: Because Shipmates makes it easy and convenient to ship orders, businesses can ship more orders than they usually do. It allows business owners or other managers to focus more time on marketing and advertising the products - which means more sales and happier customers!

·   Faster Shipping: Besides saving time on shipping, online businesses also benefit from faster and more consistent shipping by using a suitable courier depending on their customers' addresses.

What are the benefits of using Shipmates?

1. We offer e-commerce shipping solutions to help businesses figure out their shipping process.

2. Our team of experts is available to help businesses with their shipping needs, from pick-up to delivery.

3. We offer various services to businesses, including same-day, standard, cash-on-delivery, and door-to-door shipping.

4. Our goal is to provide businesses with the best shipping experience, so they can focus on their customers and grow their businesses.

How to get started with Shipmates?

If you're ready to start your journey with Shipmates, sign up for a free account here. If you still want to learn more about our services, feel free to reach out to us today! We'd be happy to help. Happy shipping!