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How Shipmates is Simplifying Shipping Processes for Online Businesses

Starting an online business is so much simpler and faster these days. If you have a product line already, you can just build your Shopify store , market and advertise on social media, and fulfill orders through a courier of your choice.

In the beginning, shipping a few orders per day can be manageable. But when your business grows to tens and hundreds of daily orders, that’s when it becomes too much. This is where our multi-courier shipping platform, Shipmates, could come in handy for simplifying your shipping process.

By connecting your Shopify store with Shipmates, you get access to multiple couriers with no sign up fees and no minimum monthly shipments required. You can ship to any customer in the Philippines. Pretty soon, you can ship internationally as well. On Shipmates, you can compare courier rates all with one click. And on top of that, you can book on-demand (or same-day) shipments in bulk. You no longer have to contact riders one by one for same-day deliveries.

When shipping orders through the Shipmates’ shipping platform, there’s no need to drop off shipments at branches, or manually write order details on waybills. Just connect your Shopify store (online store), book orders, download & print the waybills, and wait for the courier to pick up your shipments.

You’ll be able to see the entire process of your shipments from start to finish. The easy-on-the-eyes dashboard lets you track orders effortlessly, even if they’re booked with different couriers. You don't have to deal with messy spreadsheets, or go to different courier websites/apps just to track orders. Just type in the order ID or customer name in the search bar, and that’s it! Easy? Yup.

Having our own online businesses ourselves, we are deeply familiar with shipping challenges that businesses like yours encounter everyday. These tedious tasks take away from activities that could actually help grow your business. Our mission at Shipmates is to give you more time to grow your business by providing you with a comprehensive shipping platform that simplifies (and eventually automates) your shipping process.