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How to Deliver Seamless Customer Experience Using a Courier Platform

There is no denying the fact that ecommerce has changed the buying habits and preferences of customers. Customers no longer need to go to physical stores to buy what they need. With the help of technology, businesses have brought products to customers in the most convenient way possible. With this comes the demand and expectation for a seamless customer experience.

From the moment any customer pays for the item and clicks on the check out button, businesses have the obligation to fulfill deliveries to their customers. As an ecommerce business, it becomes the responsibility of the business to make sure that the delivery process goes on smoothly. With the help of a courier platform like Shipmates, this can definitely be possible.

Shorter delivery times for your customer's orders

With a courier platform, such as Shipmates, you'll have access to multiple couriers under one platform. This means that you can compare shipping rates and shipping times in order to find the best courier option for your customers. Offering multiple courier options to your customers is important as it provides them with convenience and choices, which leads to a good customer experience overall.

Use one tracking platform with orders from different couriers

Another way to deliver a seamless customer experience using a courier platform is by providing tracking information to your customers. This gives them the peace of mind that their items are on the way, and they can follow its journey until it arrives at their doorstep.

The plus side of using a courier platform such as Shipmates is that you never have to use multiple tracking platforms anymore. This is especially important for businesses who use different couriers to cater to customers in different locations. By using Shipmates, you can consolidate all the tracking information into one platform.

Efficient order management

As a business owner, you'll know that having an organized and efficient order management system is key to delivering good customer experience. This is because when orders are managed efficiently, it'll lead to shorter delivery times and a smoother shipping process.

A courier platform such as Shipmates can help manage your orders more efficiently. With our API/software and platform, you can easily keep track of all your orders in one place, book orders in bulk, and generate waybills with all your customer's information on it.

Book an on-demand courier anytime

We all have those customers that need the product you are selling on the same day. Whether it's a dress for a party or celebration, or a last minute gift, businesses need to be able to cater to these customers as well.

With a courier platform such as Shipmates, you can book an on-demand courier with a few clicks. This is important as it provides convenience for both you and your customers. Whenever a customer clicks on the checkout button, all you need to do is book a courier and print the waybill! There's no need to fill-up any waybill. Just pack the products, and ship it out with the designated courier. It's that easy!

Delivering good customer experience is important for any business. With a courier platform such as Shipmates, you'll have access to these features plus many more! If you want to learn more about Shipmates, you can visit our website!