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How to Properly Ship Fragile Products and Gift Items: As Told by E-Commerce Veteran

Have you ever had to ship a fragile item and panicked because you don't know how to pack it properly? You may have also experienced an item that broke while being shipped. And what's worse? Lost packages while in transit. Stressful, right?

But don't worry, we got you some tips on properly packing different products like clothing, appliances, devices, and fragile ones - all this straight from several business owners themselves.

For clothing:

"I usually pack my clothes by folding them neatly and then wrapping them in kraft paper like the ones you find in fancy stores. I find that this helps to keep them from creasing or getting wrinkled." - Steph, online clothing store owner

"I roll my clothes instead of folding them because it saves a lot of space. I also put them in individual zip lock bags to keep them compact and organized." -Sarah, online clothing store owner

For appliances or devices:

"When packing appliances, it's important to use the right size of box or use its original box to avoid unnecessary movement during shipping. Also, it would be more secure to add crumpled papers to serve as the item's cushion inside the box." – James, appliance store owner

"I always make sure to pack my devices very carefully. I bubble wrap them and then put them in a box with packing peanuts. This has worked well for me so far and I haven't had any issues." - Paolo, device store owner

For fragile items:

"I wrap fragile items with layers of bubble wrap. When putting it in a box, I make sure to fill the gaps with foams or crumpled papers to reduce movement of the product while it's being transferred from one point to another." – Joshua, online store owner

"For the likes of bottles, I often use dividers so they won't collide inside the box. I ensure that the bottom part of the box is securely taped and the most important thing, I label the box as fragile." – Nicole, online store owner

Different Types of Protective Packaging

There's a variety of protective packaging materials that can help keep your products intact or undamaged. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Packing peanuts - are perfect for jagged items, heavy items, and items with irregular shapes.
  2. Bubble wrap - works well with small, fragile items and large, heavy items such as furniture.
  3. Foam wrap - is ideal for protecting items with delicate surfaces.
  4. Packing paper - used to wrap around clothes or other items that need support but not too much cushion.
  5. Cardboard boxes - are used for small and heavy items, especially items made of glass, and can be easily customized to fit your product perfectly!
  6. Mailing tubes - are perfect for rolled-up documents.

How to Properly Ship Big Items

When shipping huge items, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you will need a bigger box. Second, you will need more packing materials to fill the extra spaces. These are essential because you don't want your item moving around too much inside the box, which can cause damage.

If it's too big to fit in a box, you may need to use a pallet or crate. This is a matter that you can discuss with your shipping company so that they can provide you with the proper packaging and shipping options.

How to Properly Ship Fragile Items

Shipping fragile items are just like shipping hefty objects. You need to cover the products with bubble wraps and ensure that your box is sturdy. Remember to also fill extra spaces with packing materials as an extra cushion. And don't forget to use fragile labels so your shipping company will know to handle them carefully.

Shipping Options for You

You can choose from two types of shipping: on-demand and standard shipping. On-demand shipping is when your products are delivered within the same day.

Meanwhile, standard shipping requires 3-5 days lead time to deliver. It may be the cheaper option, but it means waiting for days to have your products reach your customers.

Fortunately, it's now easier to compare and choose the courier that best fits your business needs. With a courier service platform such as Shipmates, you can now access multiple couriers in one app – just the right type of convenience you need for your business.

Hopefully, these tips can guide you as you pack your products for shipping! If you have any other suggestions, we'll be glad to know!