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Must-ask questions when choosing a courier service!

Must-ask questions when choosing a courier service!

The Philippines is ideal for starting or growing a business, especially in e-commerce. And to enable businesses to thrive, having trustworthy and reliable courier services is a must.

Today, let's look at some key questions you should ask when choosing a delivery service for your business. From pricing and customer service to delivery times and payment options, these are the essential things you can't afford to ignore to find the best courier for online businesses in the Philippines.

What is a courier service?

Before we get into details, it's best to understand how courier services operate in the Philippines, specifically in Metro Manila.

Courier services in the Philippines offer various services to online businesses depending on their needs. It's important to know that courier services often have their own delivery networks, sourcing and forwarding centers and offer different kinds of services.

These services are useful for businesses as they help save time and money for deliveries.

What are the different types of courier services in the Philippines?

There are a few different types of courier services in the Philippines.

One popular type of courier service is same-day delivery. This type of service is ideal for businesses that need to send out urgent shipments. While it is usually more expensive than other types of courier services, having your parcels arrive quickly is still worth the extra costs.

Another one is standard delivery. With this type of courier service, your packages are delivered to your customers within 3-7 business days. If you are trying to save on shipping, this is the cheapest option you can get.

Things to consider when choosing a courier service

·   Consider the type of business you have.

There are many types of businesses in the Philippines, each with different shipping needs.

Here are some things to think about:

1. Do you ship mainly within the Philippines, or do you need international shipping options?

2. What kind of goods do you usually ship? Are they heavy, delicate, or fragile?

3. How fast do you need your shipments to arrive? Do you need same-day or standard delivery?

4. How much are you willing to spend on shipping?

·   Consider the area you are located in.

The Philippines is a large country with a diverse range of geography, meaning that the right courier service for your business will vary depending on your location.

Think about the following factors:

1. What is the terrain like in your area?

If you are in a rural area with difficult roads, you will need a courier service equipped to handle those conditions.

2. What is the climate like in your area?

If you are in an area that frequently experiences extreme weather conditions, you will need a courier service with a reputation for delivering on time despite the weather conditions.

3. How far away is your location from major cities?

If you are in a remote area, you will need a courier service with experience delivering to those areas.

·   Consider what the courier can offer.

After analyzing your business and its condition, it's time to consider these factors regarding the courier service itself.

1. What is their delivery area?

Ensure the courier service covers the areas you need to deliver to.

2. What is their delivery time?

Find out how long it will take for your packages to be delivered to certain areas.

3. What are their rates?

Compare rates among different courier services to find the best deal.

4. What type of packaging do they use?

Make sure that the packaging is suitable for your products.

5. What are their terms and conditions?

Read the fine print to know what you're signing up for.

Bonus! Check out some of the popular courier services used across the country.

There are many courier services available in the Philippines, and choosing the right one for your business can be a daunting task, so here are some popular ones you can try!

1. All-in-one shipping platform, Shipmates

Shipmates offers multiple courier options, such as Borzo, Grab, Lalamove, J&T Express, Entrego, and XDE Logistics – which you can access in just one app! You can also enjoy a variety of delivery services, including cash on delivery and door-to-door delivery

2. On-Demand Delivery or Same-Day Delivery, Lalamove

If you need your orders delivered as soon as possible, this service is for you. They offer same-day delivery with real-time tracking in Metro Manila, so you can rest assured that your customers will receive their orders on time.

3. Standard Delivery, J&T Express

This service is perfect for businesses that must ship large quantities of products simultaneously. They offer competitive rates and reliable service, so you can be confident that your products will reach their destination safely and on time. Cash on delivery and door-to-door delivery are also available.

Taking the time to research and ask the right questions when selecting a courier service is important for any business. With these must-ask questions, we hope you can pick the courier service that best fits your needs!