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Pros of Having a Courier Service That Can Pickup Packages From Your Home

Not having enough time to drop off packages at the courier is a reality for many online business owners. There are many aspects of the business to think about as an entrepreneur in the ecommerce industry especially if you’re operating the business alone. From the marketing of products and services to delivering and preparing customers' orders, business owners may often find their hands full. This is why a courier pick up service may help free up some of your time.

What is a courier pick up service?

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to save time and money. Using a courier pickup service is a great way to get started with that. A courier service that can pick up packages from your home is considered to be a courier pick up service whether they do it free of charge or have additional rates that you might have to pay. At this point, you’re probably wondering whether or not it’s worth it to do a courier pick up service for your ecommerce business in the Philippines.

Packages can be delivered faster

Imagine this, you're a business owner who's been working hard to get your orders out on time, but you're starting to feel stretched thin. The thought of hiring another employee to help with order fulfilment crosses your mind, but the cost is prohibitive. What if there was an alternative? For couriers, time is money and the more packages they can deliver within a day will generate more revenue for them. A courier pickup service could be the answer to deliver packages faster! Not only would this service help you get your orders out faster, it would also save you time and money in the process.

Improve your customer’s shopping experience

From the moment a customer pays for a product from your online store, they expect the average delivery time for their package to be 3-5 days. Having consistent delivery times is not easy, and we all know that couriers can sometimes be unreliable with many uncontrollable factors. Not having the time to drop-off the package at the courier can also delay your customer’s package even more.
With a courier service that can pickup packages from your home, you can set a certain level of expectation when it comes to deliveries. As an added service to your business, you can even inform your customers beforehand how long a package could take to deliver. It’s all about managing expectations and making sure that you have consistent delivery times to further improve your customer’s shopping experience.

It saves you time and effort

“Time is money”. This is a phrase we’ve heard from different people time and time again, because it’s true. We’re always trying to find ways to be more efficient by automating things or getting tasks done by other people and companies. This is why we think a courier pick up service is perfect for any business owner not wanting to have to drop-off customers packages in the future.

Automate your entire shipping process with Shipmates

Wait! Before you go, what if there’s a way to automate your entire shipping process? With Shipmates, you’ll be able to automate your shipping process. We’re talking about not having to fill-up any more waybills, have the ability to choose from multiple couriers, track all your packages under one platform, and the ability to book shipments in bulk. By using Shipmates, couriers will also be able to pick up packages from your office or your home for free! That’s right, FREE! If you want to learn more about Shipmates or sign-up for a free account you can visit our website for more information!