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How is Shipmates different from couriers? Your Local Courier Aggregator

Efficient delivery is now a must-have in the fast-paced world of e-commerce, serving as a promise of quality and reliability to customers. Recognizing this need, Shipmates, founded by Filipino entrepreneurs, stands out as a tech company revolutionizing logistics. This platform simplifies the delivery management process for any businesses, combining local entrepreneurial insight with cutting-edge technology to meet ones essential needs.

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What is a tech company and a courier aggregator?

A tech company operates at the intersection of technology and commerce, leveraging digital innovations to offer products or services. Unlike traditional businesses that might use technology in a supporting role, tech companies are built around it—developing, producing, or providing technology-based services as their core business model. This encompasses a wide array of industries, from software and hardware to artificial intelligence, fintech, and beyond. The defining characteristic of a tech company is its focus on creating, utilizing, or distributing technology to solve problems, enhance efficiencies, or open up new possibilities.

Shipmates, as a courier aggregator, embodies a tech company in the logistics and delivery space. By offering a digital platform that aggregates various courier services, Shipmates leverages technology to streamline the shipping process for any businesses. This innovative approach to logistics management—allowing businesses to compare, select, and manage courier services through a single interface underscores the tech-centric nature of Shipmates. In doing so, Shipmates not only addresses the logistical challenges faced by e-commerce businesses but also contributes to the tech industry by providing a service that combines technology with traditional delivery methods to create a more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly shipping solution.

Courier Aggregators vs. Traditional Couriers

Traditional courier services, once the backbone of delivery systems, are increasingly facing challenges that can hinder the growth and efficiency of businesses. These challenges stem from manual shipping processes, which are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Furthermore, the lack of integration with ecommerce platforms means that businesses must often navigate a complex web of logistics management, diverting valuable resources away from core business activities and that's where courier aggregators come in.

Enter Shipmates, a modern courier aggregator that stands in stark contrast to these traditional services. Shipmates' innovative platform is designed specifically for the needs of e-commerce businesses, offering a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly approach to logistics. By integrating multiple couriers into a single platform, Shipmates eliminates the manual hassles associated with traditional courier services and provides companies with a streamlined way to manage their deliveries. This integration not only simplifies the shipping process but also offer a set of features that are essential for today's ecommerce operations.

Advantages of Using Traditional Couriers:

  1. Exclusive Partnerships: Traditional couriers often form exclusive partnerships with businesses, providing stable and dependable delivery services under contract. Though it may take a while to become a partner, this can be advantageous for businesses needing guaranteed service levels and dedicated resources for their logistics needs.
  2. Brand Trust: With years or even decades in the industry, traditional couriers have built up significant brand recognition and trust. This established reputation can reassure customers who prefer using well-known providers for their shipping needs.
  3. Niche Expertise: Many traditional couriers specialize in specific types of deliveries, such as standard delivery and same-day delivery in Metro Manila. This expertise ensures that specialized goods are handled appropriately and delivered safely.

Advantages of Using Shipmates:

  1. Aggregated Courier Options: Unlike traditional couriers that require exclusive partnerships, Shipmates offers commitment-free access to a variety of courier services. This aggregation allows businesses to choose the best courier for each delivery scenario without the constraints of a single service provider.
  2. No Documentation Required: Shipmates provides VIP shipper access to multiple couriers without the need for extensive business documentation, simplifying the setup process especially for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). This feature democratizes access to premium delivery services, making it more accessible for smaller players.
  3. Enhanced Shipping Experience: Shipmates enhances the customer experience by integrating efficient logistical operations that can improve delivery times. This focus on customer satisfaction helps businesses improve their service quality, leading to higher customer retention and repeat business.

Advantages of using traditional couriers:

  1. Established Networks: Many have long-standing, extensive networks that ensure wide geographical coverage.
  2. Brand Recognition: Recognized brands can instill trust in customers familiar with their services.
  3. Specialized Services: Some traditional couriers offer niche services tailored to specific types of deliveries or industries.

Advantages of using Shipmates:

  1. Simplified Logistics: By centralizing and automating the shipping process, Shipmates reduces manual errors and streamlines operations, freeing up more time for you to focus on growing your business.
  2. VIP Shipper Access: Gain VIP access to our courier partners without the need for submitting extensive business documents, making it easier for small to medium businesses to enjoy premium shipping services.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: By leveraging more efficient shipping process which potentially has faster delivery times, Shipmates improves overall customer satisfaction, encouraging repeat business.

Shipmates Features: A Shipping Courier Aggregator for ecommerce

Whether you're an inexperienced startup or an established business, the challenges of logistics can be daunting. From ensuring prompt deliveries to managing high volumes of orders, the demands are ever-increasing. Shipmates, your e-commerce shipping partner, rises to this challenge by offering a comprehensive set of tools that not only simplify logistics but also enhance the delivery experience for your customers. Let's delve into how each feature sets Shipmates apart as a game-changer in the ecommerce landscape.

  • Express Delivery: With Shipmates, express or same-day delivery becomes effortlessly accessible. Notably, for Metro Manila businesses, the perk of expedited service significantly enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Standard Delivery: For wider coverage and flexible delivery options, our standard delivery service meets various shipping needs, ensuring reliability across different locations.
  • Shopify API Integration: Shipmates integrates with Shopify to synchronize orders directly from your e-commerce platform. This key feature focuses primarily on saving time by automatically updating order information, which streamlines the management process for your shipments.
  • Generate Complete Waybills: Our platform automatically generates complete waybills, to avoid tedious manual writing and minimize human error on provided information when shipping out orders.
  • Book Riders in Bulk: Handling high order volumes, especially during peak seasons, is stress-free with Shipmates. Our bulk booking feature ensures that every order is dispatched on time, maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Our Courier Partners: Your Gateway to Seamless Deliveries

Grab Express

Grab Express shines when it comes to speed, making it the go-to choice for urgent deliveries in Metro Manila. Its swift service ensures that time-sensitive parcels reach their destinations promptly, providing a reliable solution for businesses that prioritize speed. This efficiency is key for ecommerce platforms looking to offer their customers same-day delivery options. Furthermore, the convenience of easy booking through their app enhances the overall logistics experience for businesses.


Lalamove stands out for its versatility, offering a broad array of delivery options that cater to various business requirements. From scheduled to instant dispatches, Lalamove adapts to your logistics needs, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in every shipment. Its ability to handle a wide range of item sizes and types, from documents to bulky goods, makes it a versatile partner for businesses across different sectors. Additionally, Lalamove’s technology-driven approach allows for real-time tracking, giving both businesses and their customers peace of mind.

J&T Express

J&T Express, one of our new partners, boasts an expansive network across the Philippines, making it a preferred partner for businesses seeking cost-effective and reliable shipping solutions. With its wide coverage, J&T ensures that your products are delivered safely and efficiently, regardless of the destination. Their commitment to providing affordable rates without compromising on service quality has made them a popular choice among online sellers. Plus, J&T’s investment in technology streamlines the shipping process, from pick-up to delivery.

LBC Express

Introducing our courier partner, LBC Express, which is synonymous with trust and reliability. Offering both local and global shipping solutions, LBC ensures that your parcels are in safe hands, providing peace of mind and security for your shipments. LBC's years of experience in logistics translate into a deep understanding of the complexities involved in shipping, ensuring that every parcel is handled with care. Their wide network of branches also means convenient drop-off and pick-up options for businesses and customers alike.

Embrace the Future with Shipmates, Your Shipping Aggregator

Customers today expect not just quality in their purchased products but also demand lightning-fast delivery times that match their fast-paced lifestyles. Shipmates, a pioneering courier aggregator platform, is leading the charge in revolutionizing the logistics landscape to meet these rising expectations. By offering a seamless integration of multiple courier services, Shipmates empowers ecommerce businesses with the flexibility and efficiency needed to exceed customer delivery expectations, ensuring that every parcel reaches its destination swiftly and reliably.

This innovation by Shipmates signifies more than just an upgrade in logistics; it represents a paradigm shift in how ecommerce businesses can now operate and compete. In a market where the difference between success and failure can hinge on logistical efficiency, Shipmates offers a competitive edge. The platform not only simplifies the shipping process, but also allows access to premium courier services, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes without the need for extensive documentation. As the ecommerce landscape continues to expand and evolve, embracing Shipmates means staying ahead in the race, ready to meet the future demands of shipping and customer satisfaction with confidence and ease.

How to get started with Shipmates

  1. Sign Up for a Free Account: Your first step is to create your Shipmates account. Registration is free and provides immediate access to the platform's comprehensive shipping tools.
  2. Add in All the Necessary Information: Once registered, populate your account with essential details about your business. This setup is crucial for tailoring the Shipmates experience to your specific needs and streamlining future shipping processes.
  3. Optional for Shopify Websites - Install the Shipmates App on the Shopify App Store: If your store is hosted on Shopify, integrating Shipmates is even easier. The platform offers a Shopify API that automatically syncs order data or shipping.
  4. Upload All Your Customer's Information In Your Dashboard: For a smooth shipping operation, manually input your customers' information into your Shipmates dashboard. You can add orders one at a time or in bulk when you upload an excel file of orders.
  5. Choose a Courier and Select a Courier Service: With all details in place, select the courier service that best fits your shipping requirements from Shipmates' extensive list of partners. Then, proceed to book a rider for your delivery, all within the platform.
  6. Track Any Courier Using Our Tracking Page: Keep a close eye on your shipments with Shipmates' courier tracking software. This feature allows you and your customers to monitor the progress of deliveries in real-time, ensuring transparency and enhancing customer satisfaction. Click here to track all your shipments with Shipmates

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Choosing Shipmates means choosing a future where ecommerce shipping is no longer a challenge but a competitive advantage. With our innovative features, extensive courier network, and commitment to excellence, we're not just a courier aggregator; we're your partner in success. Sign up today and transform your ecommerce shipping experience with Shipmates.