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Terms Couriers Use During the Delivery Process

We’ve all been guilty of tracking and monitoring the status of our packages the minute we buy something online. If you've ever used a tracking platform from a courier before, you're likely familiar with the different delivery terms they use. However, terms like "arrived at facility" and "out for delivery" can be confusing. In fact, there are some pretty specific terms that couriers use to update their customers on where their package is and when they can expect it. Here's a quick rundown of the most common ones.

What Does That Mean?

"Received the Order"

This term usually pops up as soon as the order is processed by the seller or the ecommerce platform. It means that your order has been accepted, and the seller is now preparing it for shipping.

"Packed and Ready to Ship"

The package has been packed for shipping and the seller has notified the courier service to pick up your order from their business address or warehouse.

"Package Picked Up" or "Shipped"

Once the courier has arrived to pick up your package, this term will show up. It means that the package is now on its way to the proper logistics or sorting center.

"Parcel is Out for Delivery"

This term usually means that the package is on the way to your local area or city. It doesn't necessarily mean that it will be delivered within the same day.

"Your parcel is being delivered by courier"

This term usually pops up when the package is close to your address. It means that a courier has been assigned to deliver your package and should arrive shortly, usually within business hours.


This term appears when the package has been successfully delivered at your delivery address. Congratulations! You can now unpack and finally enjoy your package!

"Attempted delivery" or "Failed delivery attempt"

This term usually shows up when the package is being delivered to your address, but there was no one at home to receive it. The courier will usually make 1 or 2 more attempts before returning it to the sender. This will depend on the delivery policy of the courier as every courier has different delivery policies when it comes to "attempted deliveries".

How about tracking updates for on-demand couriers or same day delivery couriers?

Tracking updates and statuses are much simpler for same day deliveries. Oftentimes, communication is only done between the seller and the buyer just to confirm if the package has been delivered on time and in one piece.

How to properly use a tracking platform

Once you purchase a product online, you will usually receive a tracking number provided by the courier service the store owner is using. The courier company will have a tracking platform on their website, and all you need to do is add in your tracking number there, and it should show you the status of your package.

Shipmates has a tracking platform for every time you use our delivery service. Regardless of what courier service or company you use on our platform, you can track all the deliveries through this page. We have multiple couriers that you can use, so if it's your first time booking a courier with us then we recommend checking out Shipmates' partner couriers.