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What is an Express Courier Service and How Can It Help Your Business?

As an e-commerce business owner, you can surely relate to the importance of being on time when delivering orders to your customers. But what happens when you have a time-sensitive delivery that can't wait for regular shipping? That's when express courier services come in!

Today, let's take a closer look at what an express courier service is and how it can benefit your business. Plus, let's explore some of the different services these express courier companies offer – so you can choose the right one for your business's and your customers' delivery needs.

But if you're here looking for a courier service that can do express deliveries, sign-up for a free Shipmates account today!

What is an express courier service?

An express courier service is a type of shipping that guarantees faster delivery times than regular shipping. Through this, time-sensitive orders can be delivered at the time you need them to be, without having to wait for days or even weeks. However, the rates of express courier services can be higher than regular shipping, which can possibly make you wonder if they are worth the try.

When deciding whether express courier services are the best fit for your online business, there are a few things to consider. First, think about the type of products or packages you need to ship. If you sell perishable items or offer time-sensitive documents, express delivery may be your best option.

Second, consider how often you'll need to use express shipping. If you think you will ship time-sensitive packages frequently, then an express courier service could save you a lot of money in the long run. But if you're only going to need it a few times, it may not be worth the extra cost.

Why use an express courier service for e-commerce?

When shipping out packages to customers, we often use multiple courier services to cater to their respective locations. Moreso, there are times when customers request a same-day delivery – that's when an express courier service comes in handy.

Of course, choosing to book express deliveries varies from customer to customer. But we can't deny that having a ready courier service is definitely appreciated when situations require it. With this, you can freely offer a same-day delivery option to your customers.

Tracking packages doesn't have to be difficult.

Tracking packages can be stressful, especially when shipping multiple orders to several customers. And what's more? They want regular updates. Situations like this can be more challenging when you have booked with different couriers, and you have to track on multiple apps and websites.

The solution? A courier platform such as Shipmates. With Shipmates, get to choose among a pool of couriers in just one app. Not only that! Enjoy the convenience of tracking your packages without the hassle of going back and forth from one courier app to another.

Moreover, your customers won't need to contact you frequently for updates because you can give them the option to track their packages themselves via our app.

Shipmates, your reliable express courier service in the Philippines

With the growing demand for fast and efficient delivery options, Shipmates aims to provide a seamless shipping experience for e-commerce businesses. As an online business owner, partnering with a trustworthy express courier service like Shipmates can bring numerous benefits to your operations. Here are different reasons why online businesses are choosing us over the other express courier service companies locally.

Fast and Timely Deliveries

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and ensuring that your customers receive their orders on time. With our express courier service, you can say goodbye to long shipping durations that leave your customers waiting impatiently. We prioritize speed and efficiency, guaranteeing faster delivery times compared to regular shipping options. Whether it's a time-sensitive package or a last-minute order, Shipmates is equipped to handle it promptly.

Flexible Options for Different Needs

At Shipmates, we recognize that every business has unique delivery requirements. Therefore, we offer a range of services tailored to suit your specific needs. From same-day deliveries to overnight shipping, our diverse options cater to various delivery time frames. You can choose the service that aligns with your business's and your customers' expectations, ensuring a reliable and flexible shipping experience. Additionally, we also offer different couriers to choose from depending on the needs of your business and your customers. Here are some of the courier companies that we've partnered up with to help you with express deliveries:

  • Borzo
  • J&T Express
  • LBC Express
  • Entrego

Streamlined Shipping Process

In today's fast-paced e-commerce industry, optimizing your shipping process is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. That's where our API, courier software for online businesses, comes into play, offering a streamlined shipping experience that can transform your business operations. By integrating your Shopify or Woocommerce website with our shipping platform, we'll be automatically able to transfer all your customer's shipping information on our platform anytime someone purchases any product from your website. From there, all you'll have to do is choose a courier that can do express deliveries and click book. Pack the item and print the automatically generated waybill and you're done! Its that easy.

Express Courier Service Rates:

Here are the rates for our express courier service for online businesses:

Courier Base Fare Fee/km. Shipmates Fee Est. Shipping Cost
Borzo ₱49 ₱5/km ₱5-₱10 ₱59+
LBC Express ₱79-₱96 - ₱5-₱10 ₱84+
J&T Express ₱85 to ₱1,120 - ₱5-₱10 ₱90+
Entrego ₱70-₱1,070 - ₱5-₱10 ₱75+

*Please note that these are our initial rates. Express delivery rates may vary depending on you and your customer's location. Sign-up for a free Shipmates account today to see the exact cost of delivery.

Overall, we want to offer online businesses a reliable express courier service that can revolutionize your e-commerce shipping experience. With our commitment to timely deliveries, flexible options, cost-effectiveness, streamlined shipping process, and enhanced customer experience, we aim to be the go-to courier service for businesses like yours. Sign up for a free Shipmates account today and unlock the full potential of efficient express deliveries for your online business.