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What should you look for in courier service in the Philippines?

There are so many couriers that say they can do what you ask them to do. Behind these promises, there may be hidden shipping fees or inefficient deliveries. If you want something done right, you've got a lot of ground to cover Here are the four major things you need when looking for a courier service in the Philippines.

Find a courier with consistent delivery times

It’s a tall order to guarantee 100% accurate delivery times for any courier service. There will always be instances wherein a package may get lost, not received, or have incomplete or incorrect delivery addresses. Instead, always remember to look for how a courier handles these issues and how quickly they resolve them.

Convenient cash on delivery options

If you’re running your own online business, it's crucial to have cash on delivery as a payment option on top of bank transfers. According to a survey made by BSP last 2019, 71% of Filipinos don’t own a bank account. Having flexible payment options may open your business to more customers.

But if the courier is receiving the money, how do you get paid? Most couriers offer monthly remittances for their cash-on-delivery services. Get feedback from other businesses, so that you’re sure that your courier is paying on time. This is why Shipmates will always payout weekly, our cash on delivery courier service makes sure that the cash flow of your business doesn’t suffer. This allows us to easily track all your COD deliveries and ensure that your payment is correct and on time.

Free package pick-up at your business address

A courier with free package pick-ups helps you save a lot on logistics costs AND TIME. Without a pick-up service, you will be spending a lot of time driving to and from their logistics center. While it may seem small, the costs can accumulate over time and multiple deliveries.

Multiple delivery attempts if the first one failed

Failure to deliver packages to your customers is a common problem in the shipping industry. Whether it may be because the address was wrong or there was no recipient for the package, it should be non-negotiable for a courier to have multiple attempts to deliver your package. At Shipmates, all our couriers make two attempts to deliver your customer’s package before returning it to the sender.

At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping your customers happy and satisfied. This is why it's important to have a reliable courier service to ensure that your customers receive their packages in one piece and on time.

The Truth: There is no perfect courier.

To put it simply, no courier will always deliver 100%. At Shipmates, we empower online businesses by giving them instant access to multiple couriers so they'll always have options.  Sign up today, and get VIP treatment without any membership fees.