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5 Shipping Mistakes Costing You Money

Are you tired of your current shipping process? Yes, shipping out products can be a repetitive and cumbersome task, but we can all agree that it's necessary for your company to grow - not unless your products are also being sold at brick-and-mortar shops.

With repetitive tasks, the person in charge tends to go through the motions. And when they've performed the task a hundred or even a thousand times, mistakes tend to happen. What's important to remember is that a good shipping process needs a reliable courier service that can help avoid these common mistakes.

5 common shipping mistakes of e-commerce businesses

When you need to ship a package, it's tempting to settle with the cheapest shipping option available or send it the easiest way, like booking a same-day delivery service.

But there are actually other ways to save money on shipping. And hopefully, by the end of this article, we can also help you shorten your entire shipping process, which means more time to focus on other vital things about your business and personal life. Let's get started!

1.     Not getting a quote in advance

Courier services usually provide a quote based on your shipping requirements. But many e-commerce businesses don't realize that getting a quotation in advance is possible! This is extremely helpful because you can price out different shipping options and find the one that's most cost-effective for your business.

2.     Not using the proper packaging

This is a mistake that many businesses make, especially when they're still starting. They only use whatever packaging they have or go to a store and buy the cheapest option available.

But you need to realize that using the wrong type of packaging can cost you more money in the long run. If your customer receives a damaged package, you'll have to pay for a replacement. And if it arrives late, you'll end up paying more shipping fees. That's why you have to choose the suitable packaging for your products.

3.     Not labeling packages correctly

Proper labeling of packages is also a crucial task. You must ensure that you correctly type in or write down your customer's information on the waybills and attach them to their respective orders.

Usually, this is where human error comes into play. Still, of course, unintentionally and couldn't be avoided unless you use a courier platform like Shipmates that can automatically generate your customer's waybills.

4.     Ignoring the courier's weight restrictions

If you're not yet aware, all couriers have weight restrictions whenever you ship out products. It's essential to compute the delivery cost based on the total weight of your customer's order before charging them a delivery fee.

For example, a customer could order a few more pieces or products, making the package heavier. When creating a standard delivery fee for your store, see that you can account for all possible scenarios that can push your shipping fees up.

5.     Having limited communication with customers

Sometimes, some things can't be foreseen or considered in advance. Your customer's delivery address could be just along the borders of Metro Manila, but you have to pay provincial delivery rates. Or it could be that their order is heavier than your standard packages. It could be higher shipping rates due to the volatility of fuel prices.

Whatever the case, it's vital to have an open line with your customer and politely explain that the delivery rate they initially paid for is lacking. Doing so shows that you value their trust and are willing to go the extra mile to accommodate them.

We hope this article has helped you be prepared to avoid these common mistakes the next time you ship with a courier. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Facebook or send us a message through our website.