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Mission: Improve Delivery Times

Have you experienced receiving a customer complaint about your delivery schedule? Well, it's a usual scenario for e-commerce businesses. But just because it's normal doesn't mean you can't do anything to improve it.

Long and inconsistent delivery times can be of many factors. It can be due to the inconsistencies of your couriers or simply because your shipping process is not efficient enough.

As the owner or shipping manager of an e-commerce business, you must consider streamlining your process from the time you receive the orders to sending them out to customers. And if you're the type who loves receiving periodic reports from your staff, then make sure that you've created an easy-to-follow report format, or better yet, get a courier that offers such service.

Upgrade your entire shipping process with Shipmates

Ever heard of the saying, "Knowing is half the battle."? This is exactly what Shipmates does! We help e-commerce businesses streamline their entire shipping process, making it faster and more convenient, allowing shipping managers to be on top of every step.

From having access to multiple same-day and standard delivery couriers to automatically generated waybills, our courier platform, Shipmates, can shorten your entire shipping process to only 10 minutes, which is a real feat! And if you're looking for a reporting option, you can download all your deliveries, including all your customers’ information.

Still not convinced? Schedule a LIVE demo with our team and we’ll show you how you can save time shipping your products!