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Improve Your Shipping Process With Our Shopify Shipping API

Welcome to Shipmates, the ultimate solution for improving your shipping process and streamlining your online business using a shipping API. In today's fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficient shipping is crucial to satisfy customers and stay ahead of the competition. That's why we're here. We want to introduce you to our Shopify Shipping API that will revolutionize how you handle all your shipping needs.

With our Shopify Shipping API, you can say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a seamless way of generating waybills without having to . No more wasting time filling out forms or dealing with multiple courier platforms separately - Shipmates brings them all together under one convenient platform. Let's get started!

How Shipmates is improving the shipping process of online businesses

Online businesses rely heavily on efficient shipping processes to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a competitive edge. Here at Shipmates, we understand the challenges that come with managing shipments, which is why we have developed ecommerce logistics and shipping software solutions to improve shipping for online business. Whether it's dealing with your courier's inconsistent delivery times or having to manually fill up waybills, we've got you covered. Our solutions for improving your shipping process include having access to multiple couriers and our Shopify shipping API which tremendously help streamline your entire shipping process.

At Shipmates, our mission is simple: To make shipping processes easier and more efficient for online businesses like yours. With our Shopify Shipping API, you'll be able to do so much more with your time and focus on things that matter more to you.

Generate Complete Waybills Using Shipmates' Shopify Shipping API

Are you tired of manually filling up waybills for your Shopify store's shipments? Shipmates has the solution for you with our Shopify Shipping API. Integrating our API with your Shopify store can help you generate complete waybills seamlessly. Here's a quick video of how you can install our Shopify shipping API on your store:

What exactly does our shipping API do for Shopify websites? Our API integrates directly with your Shopify store, allowing you to automate the process of creating waybills. Anytime a customer fills up all the necessary shipping information during checkout, our shipping API in Shopify will allow us to see all that data and copy it on over to our waybill. From there, you'll be able to access the complete waybills in your Shipmates account.

But why exactly do you need a shipping API for Shopify? How does it help? For starters, filling up waybills can take up a lot of your time especially if you're fulfilling multiple orders a day. With our Shipping API, we will generate accurate and professional-looking waybills that are ready to be attached to your customer's packages which will only take seconds for us. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures that all important shipping information is included. More importantly, automating this part of the shipping process with a shipping API will help avoid any human errors when filling up waybills. Once you have a completed waybill in your Shipmates account, you'll now be able to book a courier of your choice. And this brings us to our next feature, being able to choose from multiple couriers under Shipmates.

Use Multiple Couriers Under One Platform: Grab Express, Lalamove, LBC Express, J&T Express, and more

One of the biggest challenges for online businesses when it comes to shipping is dealing with multiple couriers. Finding the right courier that works for your business is never easy especially if you're. Each courier may have its own system and process, making it inefficient and time-consuming for businesses to manage shipments across different platforms. But with Shipmates, you'll be able to use multiple couriers under one platform!

By using our shipping API and shipping platform, you can easily access popular couriers like Grab Express, Lalamove, LBC Express, J&T Express, and Entrego. No need to juggle between different websites or apps anymore– everything is streamlined in one place. If you do decide to use multiple couriers through our platform, you gain flexibility and choice. You can select the most cost-effective and time-efficient option. Or more importantly, you can choose a courier that specializes in specific areas or delivery types. This means better delivery times for your customers. Plus, managing all your shipments becomes much easier with Shipmates' centralized platform instead of using two different courier apps or platforms. And this brings us to our next feature booking riders and printing waybills.

Book Riders and Print Waybills In Bulk

Now that you've chosen a courier on our shipping platform, you'll be able to book riders and print waybills in bulk. Here's a quick video on how you can book riders:

Gone are the days of manually inputting each order's details one by one. With our shopify API integration, you can now upload a CSV file containing all your orders and let our platform take care of the rest. Within seconds, Shipmates will generate complete waybills for each order and you can assign them to the appropriate courier. Once you've booked a rider, you'll have the option to print the waybill for any specific order you want or you can choose to print them in bulk for any number of orders you're sending out for the day.

This feature not only saves you time but also minimizes errors that often occur during manual data entry. And with multiple couriers available under one platform, you have the flexibility to choose which service best suits your needs.

Real-Time Shipping Rates

When it comes to shipping, one of the most important factors for online businesses is getting accurate and real-time shipping rates. Whether you're using our Shopify shipping API or not, you can easily access real-time rates from all our couriers in our platform. This not only saves you time but also ensures that your customers are always charged the correct amount for shipping. No more overcharging or undercharging! Real-time shipping rates mean transparency and accuracy throughout the entire process. Here are our initial shipping rates for Metro Manila deliveries:

Courier Base Fare Fee/km. Shipmates Fee Est. Shipping Cost
Lalamove ₱49 ₱5-₱6/km ₱5-₱10 ₱59+
Grab Express ₱60 ₱7/km ₱5-₱10 ₱72+
J&T Express ₱85 to ₱1,120 - ₱5-₱10 ₱90+
LBC Express ₱79 - ₱5-₱10 ₱84+
Entrego ₱70-₱1,070 - ₱5-₱10 ₱75+

*Please note that these rates only include motorcycle deliveries across Metro Manila only. If you're looking for our rates for provincial courier services, you can sign-up for a free Shipmates account today!

Track All Shipments Across Multiple Couriers

By using our shipping platform and Shopify Shipping API, you can use our courier tracking software to track all your shipments across multiple couriers in one convenient platform. No more logging into different websites or apps to check the status of each delivery. Whether you're using Grab Express, Lalamove, LBC Express, J&T Express, Borzo, or any other courier service integrated with Shipmates, you can stay on top of every shipment.

By having tracking information at your fingertips, you can provide better customer service and peace of mind to your customers. You'll be able to answer inquiries about the whereabouts of their orders without delay and keep them informed throughout the shipping process. Not only does this save time and effort for both you and your customers, but it also helps improve overall efficiency. You can proactively address any issues that may arise during transit by closely monitoring each shipment's progress. This ensures that packages are delivered on time and in excellent condition.

Improve Your Shipping Process Today Using Shipmates' Shipping API

In today's fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficient shipping is crucial for online businesses to thrive. By integrating Shipmates' Shopify Shipping API into your store operations, you gain access to a wide range of benefits that will enhance your shipping process.

From generating complete waybills effortlessly to utilizing multiple couriers under one platform, booking riders and printing waybills in bulk, receiving real-time shipping rates, as well as tracking all shipments across various couriers – Shipmates has got it all covered!

So why wait? Sign-up for your free Shipmates account today and take advantage of our powerful Shopify Shipping API integration now and revolutionize how you handle shipping logistics for your online business!