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Ship faster with shipping automation software in 3 ways!

Shipping is an essential and crucial process for any online business. However, it's usually time-consuming and prone to human error. This is where shipping automation software comes into play.

Partially or fully automating shipping is a game-changing move for any online business using a courier in the Philippines. By automating tasks such as processing orders, generating waybills, and receiving tracking updates, online businesses like yours can save countless hours while providing customers with faster delivery times.

Shipping Automation Software: What is it, and how does it work?

Shipping automation software is a tool that helps online businesses streamline their shipping processes. It automates tasks such as order processing, label generation, and tracking updates. In essence, it takes the manual work out of shipping so that online businesses like yours can focus on more important aspects when running an e-commerce store.

One of the key features of shipping automation software is its ability to integrate your website with courier services. It means that anytime someone checks out from your website, the shipping automation software will be able to read all the customers' details and orders and immediately process the waybill for you.

Shipping automation software also simplifies package tracking by providing real-time updates on shipment status. This lets businesses keep customers informed about delivery times and avoid disputes.

Overall, it saves time, reduces mistakes, and provides better visibility into the shipping process for businesses and customers alike!

Lucky for us, Shipmates is already available in the Philippines. We are a shipping platform that focuses on improving how you ship through shipping automation software. We have plenty of features besides the automation part, so you can be sure you'll get the best shipping service when shipping out products to your customers!

1. Reduce human error in the shipping process with shipping automation software!

Human error is an unfortunate reality of any business, and the shipping industry is no exception. Even the most experienced and diligent employees can make mistakes in fulfilling orders. This could lead to incorrect labeling, wrong addresses, or even sending out the wrong product entirely.

However, these errors can be significantly reduced with shipping automation software.

It can also ensure that all necessary information is entered accurately by automatically validating your customers' addresses before printing the waybills. In addition, it eliminates manual data entry when filling up waybills, reducing typo errors.

By doing so, you can increase efficiency while maintaining high accuracy when fulfilling your customers' orders.

2. Streamline order fulfillment and reduce processing time.

One primary benefit of shipping automation software is that it can streamline order fulfillment for online businesses. With this software, orders are automatically processed and fulfilled without human intervention, significantly reducing processing time.

It also provides real-time tracking information on shipments, allowing customers to track their packages at every stage of the delivery process. By providing this level of transparency and visibility into the status of your customers' orders, you can significantly increase customer satisfaction, leading to a higher chance of a repeat purchase.

3. Use multiple couriers under one platform.

If you've been in the e-commerce business long enough, you'll understand this better than anyone else. Sometimes you'll need to use different couriers to cater to your customers' needs. Whether your customer is looking for a same-day delivery courier or needs a cash-on-delivery courier, you must be flexible with your shipping options.

With a shipping platform such as Shipmates, you'll be able to have access to multiple couriers under one website or platform. Gone are the days when you needed multiple accounts across different websites and apps just to ensure all your customers were satisfied with the delivery of their orders.

Why would your business need shipping automation software?

In today's fast-paced online business world, shipping automation software has proven to be an indispensable tool for companies looking to optimize their order fulfillment process. By implementing automated shipment tracking, automatically generating waybills, and having access to multiple couriers under one platform, a business can increase its speed and efficiency while reducing human error.

The benefits of using shipping automation software go beyond just faster delivery times. With streamlined operations come improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue growth potential through enhanced capacity utilization rates, and decreased costs per unit shipped.

Shipping automation software is a smart investment for any online business in the Philippines looking to stay ahead of the game in a highly competitive market. As more businesses continue to embrace this technology as part of their daily shipping process, it's clear that automated shipping solutions will become increasingly significant moving forward.