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What does Shipmates do?

When it comes to shipping, finding a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution can be a challenge. That's where Shipmates comes in. Shipmates is a comprehensive shipping platform designed to streamline your logistics needs and offer unparalleled convenience. But what exactly does Shipmates do? How can our platform exactly help you? We'll explain all that in moment including sharing with you the features that make Shipmates the go-to choice for your shipping requirements.

Will You Have Access to Multiple Couriers?

Yes, you will have access to multiple couriers with Shipmates. By having a Shipmates account, you’ll automatically be able to use the courier services of our partners including Lalamove, Grab Express, J&T Express, and LBC Express. This allows you to choose the most suitable service for your delivery needs, enhancing both flexibility and reliability.

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What Are the Different Shipping Options to Choose From?

Shipmates offers a range of shipping options to cater to different delivery requirements.

Is There Access to Cash-On-Delivery?

Yes, Shipmates provides access to cash-on-delivery services for standard delivery only, which allows customers to pay for their orders upon receipt. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses and customers who prefer the security of paying upon delivery, fostering trust and convenience.

Do You Have Access to Door-to-Door Delivery?

Yes, with Shipmates, you have access to door-to-door delivery services nationwide. This means your packages are picked up from your location and delivered directly to the recipient’s doorstep, eliminating the hassle of drop-off points and ensuring a seamless delivery experience.

Do You Provide VIP Access to the Courier's Partner Program?

VIP access to the Courier's Partner Program means that by using Shipmates, you gain special benefits and better shipping rates from courier partners. This ensures your shipments are handled with extra care and efficiency, providing an enhanced shipping experience.

Can You Book Shipments and Couriers In Bulk?

Yes, you can book shipments and couriers in bulk with Shipmates. This feature is designed for businesses that handle large volumes of shipments, streamlining the logistics process, saving time, and reducing administrative workload.

How Does Automatic Waybill Generation Work?

Automatic waybill generation through Shipmates works by integrating with our Shopify App or allowing manual order uploads via .csv files. With this feature, you can eliminate the need to write customer info on waybills manually. This automation reduces manual errors and speeds up the shipping process, ensuring your packages are dispatched promptly.

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What Is Included In Our Comprehensive Tracking Software?

Comprehensive tracking includes the ability to monitor all your shipments in one place, regardless of the courier used. Shipmates provides a centralized tracking system, keeping you informed about the status of your deliveries and ensuring transparency.

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If you're continually asking yourself "what does a business need to survive every year," then you'll find that reliable and efficient logistics are at the core of sustainable operations. Having a robust shipping solution, like Shipmates, is crucial not only for your operations but also for maintaining a positive impression with your customers.

Shipmates is more than just a shipping platform – it’s a solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. From accessing multiple couriers and offering various shipping options to providing cash-on-delivery and comprehensive tracking, Shipmates covers all bases to ensure your shipping experience is smooth and efficient. Explore the features of Shipmates today and discover how it can transform your logistics operations.

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