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Best Delivery Service for Ecommerce Businesses | Top Courier Services for Ecommerce Shipping

Have you lost a customer for having late deliveries? This happens a lot in the Philippines and finding a reliable delivery service can make or break your business. Ensuring timely and safe delivery of products to customers is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and driving repeat business. Today, we'll find out how Shipmates stands out as one of the best shipping services for ecommerce businesses in the Philippines.

Why Having A Good Delivery Service Matters in Ecommerce

In the competitive landscape of ecommerce, the quality of your delivery service can significantly impact your business success. Here are a few reasons why a reliable delivery service is crucial:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Ensuring timely and safe deliveries directly contributes to a positive customer experience. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and leave positive reviews, which can attract new customers.
  2. Brand Reputation: A dependable delivery service helps build trust and enhances your brand’s reputation. Customers remember their overall shopping experience, and a reliable delivery process is a key part of that.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Efficient delivery services streamline your operations, reducing logistical headaches and allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Offering superior delivery services can set your business apart from competitors. In a market where customers have many options, a reliable delivery service can be a deciding factor for many buyers.

A good delivery service is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction, building a strong brand reputation, enhancing operational efficiency, and gaining a competitive edge in the ecommerce market. More than ever it's important to find the right ecommerce courier that can provide flexibility when it comes to shipping services. And that's where we come in - Shipmates, a trusted and reliable ecommerce shipping partner.

Introducing Shipmates: Delivery Services Built for E-Commerce Businesses

Shipmates is a cutting-edge shipping platform designed to meet the needs of ecommerce businesses in the Philippines. We understand the unique challenges faced by online sellers and offer comprehensive solutions to streamline your delivery process, and we know that there isn't a one-size fits all kind of solution when it comes to ecommerce shipping. Finding the "best courier service" can be subjective and will most likely depend on where your business is located.

With that, we decided to partner with the best courier services in the Philippines. We understand that by partnering with some of the top couriers in the country, we ensure that you have access to reliable and efficient delivery options tailored to your business needs. Here are our courier partners that you can use as a courier service on our platform:


Use Lalamove if you need a same-day delivery service that ensures quick and efficient transportation of goods within urban areas. This courier is perfect for businesses requiring fast, local deliveries, especially for urgent or perishable items. With a wide range of vehicle options, Lalamove can handle deliveries of varying sizes, from small packages to bulk items.

Grab Express

Choose Grab Express if you need a reliable and fast courier service for same-day deliveries, particularly in busy metropolitan regions. This service is ideal for ecommerce businesses that need to get products to customers quickly and efficiently. Grab Express offers real-time tracking, ensuring you and your customers are always updated on the delivery status.

LBC Express

Opt for LBC Express if you need a trusted courier for nationwide delivery services, providing reliable shipping options for both standard and express deliveries. This courier is great for businesses looking to send packages across the Philippines, ensuring safe and timely arrival. LBC Express also offers cash-on-delivery services, catering to customers who prefer to pay upon receiving their orders.

J&T Express

Use J&T Express if you need an affordable and reliable courier service for nationwide deliveries with flexible shipping options. This service is ideal for ecommerce businesses that require a balance between cost and delivery speed. J&T Express provides comprehensive tracking and multiple delivery options, making it a dependable choice for reaching customers in various locations.

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Ecommerce Delivery Options with Shipmates

Shipmates, the best ecommerce delivery company in the Philippines, offers a variety of delivery options as part of our courier services which are tailored to different business needs:

  1. Standard Delivery: Affordable and reliable, perfect for non-urgent deliveries.
  2. Express Delivery: For those urgent orders that need to reach customers quickly. Also known as, same day delivery.

Our Shipping Rates for e-commerce businesses

Here are sample Shipmates rates, click here if you want to see our full rates:

Standard Delivery Rates (J&T Express)

Package Weight NCR Luzon Visayas Mindanao Island
0.1g-500g ₱85 ₱95 ₱100 ₱105 ₱115
501g-1kg ₱115 ₱165 ₱180 ₱195 ₱205
1.01kg-3kg ₱155 ₱190 ₱200 ₱220 ₱230
3.01kg-4kg ₱225 ₱280 ₱300 ₱330 ₱340
4.01kg-5kg ₱305 ₱370 ₱400 ₱440 ₱450
5.01kg-6kg ₱455 ₱465 ₱500 ₱550 ₱560
6.01kg-7kg ₱565 ₱595 ₱635 ₱655 ₱820
7.01kg-8kg ₱605 ₱635 ₱675 ₱695 ₱880
8.01kg-9kg ₱703 ₱751 ₱787 ₱811 ₱1000
9.01kg-10kg ₱801 ₱867 ₱899 ₱927 ₱1120

*Please note that there is a ₱5 to ₱10 convenience fee from Shipmates on top of the standard shipping cost of J&T Express

Additional Fees for J&T Express:

  • Cash-On-Delivery Fees: 2.75% of Declared COD Value + 12% VAT
  • Valuation Fee: P5 or 1% of Declared Value, whichever is higher
  • Return-To-Sender Fee (shouldered by seller/shipper): 50% of the Total Shipping Fee

Express Delivery Rates (Lalamove)

Vehicle Types Base
Fee/km. Shipmates Fee Est. Shipping
Motorcycle ₱49 ₱5-6/km ₱5-₱10 ₱59+
Sedan ₱100 ₱15-18/km ₱5-₱10 ₱120+
MPV(300kg) ₱115 ₱20/km ₱5-₱10 ₱140+
MPV(600kg) ₱250 ₱25/km ₱5-₱10 ₱280+
MPV(1000kg) ₱340 ₱25/km ₱5-₱10 ₱370+
Small Truck(1000kg) ₱340 ₱25/km ₱5-₱10 ₱370+
Med. Truck(2000kg) ₱1650 ₱45/km ₱5-₱10 ₱1700+

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Understanding the Challenges of Ecommerce Delivery Services

Ecommerce businesses face a variety of challenges when it comes to delivery, and addressing these issues is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Here are some of the most common challenges:

  1. Handling High Order Volumes: Managing an influx of orders during peak seasons like holidays and sales events can be overwhelming, often leading to delays and errors in fulfillment.
  • Shipmates Solution: With Shipmates, you can book multiple shipments at once, saving time and reducing the administrative burden. The platform allows for easy upload of orders via .csv files, making it straightforward to manage large numbers of shipments.
  1. Dealing with Shipping Delays: Unexpected issues such as traffic congestion, adverse weather conditions, or logistical errors can cause significant delays in the delivery process, frustrating customers.
  • Shipmates Solution: Shipmates partners with a variety of top couriers, including Lalamove, Grab Express, J&T Express, and LBC Express. This allows you to choose the best option based on factors like delivery speed, cost, and reliability. If one service experiences delays or issues, you can quickly switch to another, maintaining consistent delivery performance.
  1. Managing Customer Expectations: Keeping customers informed about their order status and expected delivery times is essential for maintaining trust and satisfaction, but it can be difficult to manage consistently.
  • Shipmates Solution: Shipmates provides comprehensive tracking for all your deliveries regardless of the courier you used. This helps keep customers informed about their order status, reducing anxiety and improving overall satisfaction.
  1. Cost Management: Balancing the need for affordable shipping options with the desire for fast delivery can strain profit margins, especially with the increasing expectation for free shipping.
  • Shipmates Solution: Shipmates offers multiple courier options, enabling you to select the most cost-effective service while still meeting delivery expectations. Additionally, the ability to book shipments in bulk can result in cost savings.
  1. Technology Integration: Integrating new delivery management systems with existing ecommerce platforms can be technically challenging and resource-intensive, requiring significant investment and expertise.
  • Shipmates Solution: For ecommerce businesses looking to expand their Shopify shipping options, Shipmates offers seamless API integration for automatic waybill generation. This reduces manual work and the potential for errors. Even if you're not using Shopify, you can still benefit from automatic waybill generation by manually uploading orders via .csv files.
  1. Geographical Challenges: Delivering to remote or hard-to-reach areas can be costly and time-consuming, while navigating congested urban areas can slow down deliveries and increase the risk of delays.
  • Shipmates Solution: Shipmates offers door-to-door delivery services, ensuring that packages are picked up from your location and delivered directly to your customers' doorsteps, providing a hassle-free experience. This service covers various areas, including hard-to-reach locations, ensuring broad accessibility for your customers.

By addressing these common delivery challenges with the features and solutions offered by Shipmates, ecommerce businesses can streamline their delivery processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.

How to Get Started with Shipmates, Your Top Courier Service for Stores in Shopify, Social Media, and More!

Getting started with Shipmates is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign Up: Visit our website at shipmates.app and create an account.
  2. Choose Your Plan: Select a plan that best suits your business needs.
  3. Integrate Your Store: Use our Shopify API for automatic waybill generation or manually upload your orders.
  4. Start Shipping: Book your shipments and let Shipmates handle the rest.

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Tips for Maximizing Your Delivery Efficiency to Get the Best Shipping Times

Efficient delivery is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and driving repeat business. Here are some tips to help you maximize your delivery efficiency and achieve the best shipping times:

  • Plan Ahead: Use historical sales data to forecast demand, manage inventory with automated reordering, and schedule additional staff during peak periods to handle increased order volumes efficiently.
  • Communicate with Customers: Send immediate order confirmations, provide regular updates on order status and potential delays via email or SMS, and ensure easy access to responsive customer support for order inquiries.
  • Leverage Technology: Monitor shipments with Shipmates’ real-time tracking, integrate Shipmates to automate waybill generation and reduce errors, and use Shipmates’ multiple courier partners for flexible, reliable delivery choices.
  • Optimize Packaging: Use standardized sizes to streamline packing, ensure quick readiness for pickup, and invest in quality materials to protect items and reduce damage risk during transit.
  • Efficient Fulfillment Process: Prioritize express orders based on delivery speed requirements, organize your warehouse for quick item location and efficient picking, and implement quality checks to ensure order accuracy and proper packing before shipment.
  • Use Data Analytics: Review delivery metrics regularly to identify and address performance issues, and analyze customer feedback to identify and resolve pain points in the delivery experience.

By implementing these tips and leveraging the comprehensive features offered by Shipmates, you can optimize your delivery process, achieve faster shipping times, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Get the Most Out of Shipmates Today & Try Our Shipping Services

Choosing the right delivery service is critical for the success of your ecommerce business. So when you're looking for a courier company for eccommerce, remember that Shipmates offers a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient solution tailored to the needs of online sellers in the Philippines. With a range of delivery options, seamless integration, and partnerships with top couriers, Shipmates ensures that your products reach customers quickly and safely.

Ready to take your e-commerce business to the next level? Sign up with our shipping service, Shipmates, today and discover why we are one of the best delivery service for e-commerce businesses in the Philippines.

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