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Ship Products Out the Next Day with Shipmates | Next Day Delivery Courier Philippines

Providing a reliable next-day delivery service can significantly boost your business's reputation and customer satisfaction in the fast-paced world of eCommerce. Shipmates, a leading shipping platform in the Philippines, partners with top courier services like J&T Express and LBC Express to offer seamless next-day delivery solutions for ecommerce businesses within Metro Manila.

Why Are Ecommerce Businesses Switching Over to Shipmates

If you're a business constantly looking for a way to make things faster, you've found the right place. This quest for efficiency and excellence has led many to switch over to Shipmates, a courier aggregator platform that simplifies and accelerates the shipping process. But what makes Shipmates the preferred choice for ecommerce businesses in the Philippines? Here’s why:

  • One Platform to Access Multiple Couriers: Access multiple courier services under one platform, eliminating the need to juggle between different portals.
  • Streamlined Shipping Process: Features like automatic waybill generation, manual order uploads, and bulk booking make managing large volumes of orders easy and error-free.
  • Faster Delivery Times: Next-day delivery services through reliable courier partners ensure quick and efficient delivery to your customers.
  • Easily Track All Packages: As long as your shipped out using Shipmates, you'll be able to track all your packages under our tracking page regardless of what courier you used
  • Flexibility and Choice: Offers a variety of shipping options, from standard to express delivery, to meet diverse customer expectations.
  • Simplified Integration: Seamlessly integrates with popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, reducing manual work and streamlining your workflow.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Competitive rates and a transparent pricing model ensure you get the best value for your shipping needs.

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Our Standard Courier Partners & Courier Rates in the Philippines

We have partnered with reputable courier services such as J&T Express and LBC Express to ensure your packages are delivered on time, every time. These couriers are known for their extensive coverage and reliability, providing peace of mind to both you and your customers.

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Shipmates Next Day Delivery Service Features

At Shipmates, we understand the importance of efficiency and reliability. Our next-day delivery service comes with a suite of features designed to simplify the shipping process for eCommerce businesses. Our platform is user-friendly and integrates smoothly with popular eCommerce platforms, ensuring a hassle-free experience for managing your shipments.

  1. Automatic Waybill Generation: One of our standout features is the automatic waybill generation through our Shopify API. This integration allows you to automatically generate waybills for your orders, saving you time and reducing the risk of manual errors. This feature ensures that every shipment is accurately documented and ready for pickup without any extra effort from your side.
  2. Manual Order Uploads: For businesses that prefer or need to handle bulk orders, Shipmates offers the convenience of manual order uploads via .csv and .excel files. This feature is particularly useful for larger businesses or during peak sales periods, allowing you to manage large volumes of shipments efficiently.
  3. Comprehensive Package Tracking: Keeping track of your shipments is crucial, and Shipmates makes this easy with our comprehensive package tracking feature. Regardless of the courier used, you can track all your packages in one place, providing real-time updates to you and your customers. This transparency enhances customer trust and satisfaction, as they can easily monitor the status of their orders.
  4. Bulk Booking of Shipments and Couriers: Managing multiple shipments can be overwhelming, but with Shipmates' bulk booking feature, you can book multiple shipments and couriers in one go. This feature simplifies large-scale operations, making it easier to handle high order volumes without compromising on efficiency.
  5. Access to Multiple Couriers: Shipmates provides access to multiple courier services, including J&T Express and LBC Express for standard delivery, as well as Lalamove and Grab Express for express delivery. This flexibility allows you to choose the best courier for each shipment based on your specific needs and delivery timelines.
  6. Diverse Shipping Options: Our platform offers a variety of shipping options to cater to different business requirements. From standard delivery, which typically takes 1-5 days under LBC Express and J&T Express, to same-day express delivery under Lalamove and Grab Express, you can select the service that best meets your customers' expectations.
  7. VIP Access to the Courier's Partner Program: As a Shipmates user, you gain VIP access to our Courier's Partner Program. Yes, that means that you get access to discounted rates to our standard delivery partners including J&T Express, and LBC Express.
  8. Access to Cash-on-Delivery: Cash-on-delivery (COD) remains a popular payment method in the Philippines, and Shipmates supports this cash-on-delivery payment option through our courier partners. Offering COD can increase your sales by catering to customers who prefer to pay in cash upon delivery.
  9. **Door-to-Door Delivery: **Shipmates excels in providing door-to-door delivery services in the Philippines, ensuring that your packages are delivered directly to your customers' doorsteps. This feature enhances convenience and customer satisfaction, as they do not need to pick up their orders from a central location.

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We Also Provide A Same Day Delivery Courier Service through Lalamove & Grab Express

In addition to our reliable next-day delivery, Shipmates also offers a same-day delivery courier service through our trusted partners, Lalamove and Grab Express. This service is perfect for businesses that need to meet urgent customer demands and provide swift, efficient delivery within Metro Manila. By leveraging the extensive networks and rapid response times of Lalamove and Grab Express, Shipmates ensures your packages are delivered on the same day, enhancing customer satisfaction and giving your business a competitive edge.

Whether it’s a last-minute order or an urgent delivery, our same-day service is designed to keep your customers happy and your operations running smoothly.

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How to Get Started with Shipmates

Getting started with Shipmates is simple. Visit our website at shipmates.app and sign up for an account. Our platform provides comprehensive resources and customer support to help you navigate and make the most of our services. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Shipmates is here to support your growth.

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Get started with Shipmates today by following these simple steps:

  1. Sign-up for a free Shipmates account.
  2. Login to your Shipmates account.
  3. Upload your orders through a .csv format to automatically generate waybills or integrate our Shipmates API (Optional).
  4. Select your preferred courier for each shipment whether standard or express, then proceed to book
  5. Select a payment option available to your account
  6. Once you’ve booked a shipment, you can now track your package through our tracking page.

Your Search for A Courier Partner is Over

Your search for a reliable, efficient, and comprehensive ecommerce courier partner is over. Shipmates offers everything you need to streamline your shipping operations and satisfy your customers, from next-day delivery services through J&T Express and LBC Express to same-day delivery options via Lalamove and Grab Express. Our platform’s user-friendly interface, integration capabilities, and extensive range of features make managing your shipments easier and faster than ever before.

By choosing Shipmates, you’re not just selecting a courier service—you’re partnering with a dedicated ally committed to supporting your ecommerce business’s growth and success. Sign up today and experience the difference with Shipmates.